Go Where Your Are

The first word of the “Great Commission” is “Go”. A little less than two hundred times does the Bible instruct us to “go.” Never once does the Bible instruct us to “hide.”  Only about thirteen times does it tell us to “stay.”  But the “staying” instructions keep us next to Jesus. And the only times we’re told to “stay” are to wait for instructions from Jesus so that we can best “go.”  In fact, sometimes go and stay are part of the same instructions.46 Sometimes missional is not going anywhere but being missional where you are.

–Leonard Sweet (So Beautiful)

Lord, teach me to know when to stay and when to go. And when it’s time to go, give me the courage to step beyond my comfort zone.  And as I’m going, give me ears to hear you voice leading and wisdom to navigate the way.  Amen.

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