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Most of you are probably going through that post-Christmas, post-New Year adrenaline rush and now facing the prospect of returning to school and work…I know the feeling.


But here’s something you may not know–the Christmas season around the world doesn’t end abruptly on December 26. In fact, there are still many people–whole countries even–that continue to celebrate Christmas on January 6. Even here where I live and work, through the official holiday is on December 25, Christmas services and celebrations often continue well into January!


So, with that in mind, Word of God Unplugged is beginning it’s new Scripture Dig in the book of John. As always, your comments and ideas are welcomed and encouraged. Let’s look at the Word of God together and learn together as the Holy Spirit leads us.


My primary translation for this dig is going to be the New Living Translation as I really enjoy it ease of reading and understanding.


John 1:1-18


“God said…” goes the creation narrative in Genesis.


Many people, when reading of the creation focus on the six days and debate about whether the meaning is a literal six 24-hour day or whether “day” in this case refers to a less uncertain time period (something like how we would say “In the days of Elijah”).  But I think the more important piece of information is the process of creation—“God said.”


It is the Word of God that creates the world.  God spoke…and it was…and it was good.   More important than the actual time involved in the creation is the question as to how this world came to be.


  • Note: I know some will want to argue about the infallibility of the Bible (that means the understanding that the Bible can contain no errors or misunderstandings of any kind).  I understand this argument, but do not think it applies in this case, because the issue at hand is not of interpretation but of the translation of the word “day.”

Did God really do it himself?  Or was it by some other natural phenomena, perhaps caused by God?  Perhaps God ordained the natural phenomena and used it as his means of creation?  Whatever the case, do you believe that it was by God’s initiative—by his Word—that this world came to exist?


Throughout the Old Testament the Word of the Lord speaks to Noah, to Moses, to the prophets, and others. God is known by his Word.  When God speaks, people listen.  The Word of God is really all that people know of God, leaving us with a choice—to believe the Word or not.


Then John begins his gospel with an interesting sequence of phrases concluding with the now famous—“the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” (NIV)  For the first time in the history of the world, God is not known only by his spoken Word; but rather is now seen in the person of Jesus Christ.


In reading through the New Testament, the message is clear; God is being made known by Jesus Christ and people again have a choice—to believe in this Word of God or not.  Something happened on Christmas morning.  Either an ordinary baby was born to an ordinary couple….or….the Word of God entered this world.


What say you?

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