Rehabilitation of the imagination

Some have concluded that Lewis, in writing the Narnia books, intended to write a clear and direct allegory of the Christian story; to teach or preach the Christian message through story.  This is not exactly true.  One of Lewis’ primary objective was to “rehabilitate the modern imagination.”  We live in an age of rapid change, Lewis observed (and if he throught it true more than half a century ago, we can only imagine what he would say about the current rate of change in our version of the modern world), and “media’ed experience.”  Even in an age before computers, tablets and cell phones Lewis observed that people mostly live in a world created by humanity rather than the natural world.  Great numbers of people have little interaction on any kind of regular basis with the natural world.  This change of environment from past generation and eras has brought with it massive changes in the default settings of thinking, relationship and the delivery of information.


Soul Killing

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