Ways and Means

“Toward the end of the sermon, Wesley provided specific directions and warnings.     

•  God is above all means. God is the initiator in the spiritual encounter. God is the first witness; human effort is always a subsequent witness.     

•  There is no power in the means. As exciting as the music may feel or as inspiring as a preacher may be, there is no power apart from the Spirit of God already at work. The pastor who guarantees a church board that congregational renewal and growth will come if they change worship style has promised too much.     

•  In using all means, seek God alone. Music, drama, and preaching are performing arts and often draw attention to the performer. Some worship leaders relish the spotlight. The worship team member, however, who equates spiritual vitality with musical excellence and emotional thrill expects too little. Seek God who is above all means, Wesley urged.”

Schwanz, Keith (2010-03-01). Missio Dei: A Wesleyan Understanding (Kindle Locations 2148-2155). Nazarene Publishing House. Kindle Edition.


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